The Facility

a unique facility, in a unique location.

The Drill Hall   5,000 sq. ft  Gallery/ Studio / Workshop  provides  a   research &  project space for artists, architects, earth scientists, ecologists the community  and others to create, test out and show work.  Situated at the center of Portland and within half a mile of 11 contrasting quarry environments it is  a platform for  work in landscape – connecting  outside to inside through projection,  performance / procession – connected  to  Tout Quarry  Sculpture Park and Nature Reserve  through a newly opened and refurbished tunnel

The building has flexible facilities for showing  large works with lifting facilities up to  3 and a half tons  and for sound and projection,  with video / sound editing,  developing  new  connections through , the quarrying geology and ecology, of the  landscape and  onsite accommodation .

A  spacious tower studio with glass lantern gives  Access to PSQT’s ‘Living Land Archive’ and inter-disciplinary work  provides support and helps to create  connections between  the Earth Sciences, Community, Industry and Environment

The Community Stone Workspace a newly refurbished and well equipped all year round  facility  and exhibition space at the Drill Hall where people can carve stone develop ideas and show work – all within one facility.  Expert guidance and support is given in the skills of direct carving, letter — cutting, architectural design-.developing innovative  new ways of  working with stone-applying knowledge of the past to  the future     There are also facilities for work in  fired clay, modeling and casting processes-.where materials can be traced back to the  environment — giving an understanding of place. transformation  and evolutionary process.


1] Achilli Stone Saw AFR 150C HT

– will cut up to 240mm depth at one pass (with 300mm depth capacity) and up to 1.4meters length – also has tilt adjustment for cutting angles.

2] WEHA Tragkraft Hydraulic Carving Bankers

– mobile – max 800Kg load capacity and adjustable height up to 950mm.

3] Hand carving tools

– a large range of hand carving, letter cutting tools (both tungsten tipped and traditionally made fire sharp tools – some handed down from Portland stone masons) and bouchard hammers.

4] Quarry Tools

– a large range of made traditionally made quarrying tools that can still be used today for splitting stone (‘plugs & feathers’ / ‘scales & wedges’), kibels, twybels and stone axes for dressing stone or used as part of the carving process.

5] Drills for stone

– for splitting large stones with ‘plugs & feathers’.

6] Air Tooling

– Vibration reduced WEHA air hammers and tungsten carbide tooling.  Also Cuturi air hammers.

7] Air Compressors

– Electric for use in CSW and petrol driven for use of air tools out on site (e.g. aritists making site specific work).

8] Core Drill and Stand

– core drills from 30mm up to 150mm for drilling larger diameter holes or producing cylindrical core sections.

9] Lifting Equipment

– with a capacity up to 3.5tons including – 3.5ton Counterbalanced Forklift Truck,  2ton ‘A’ Frame with chain hoist, 2ton Hydraulic Strongarm and 2ton palette truck.

10] Tipper Trailer

– 2.5ton load capacity for collecting stone or moving work to site / location.

10] Angle Grinders

– disc cutters at 115mm / 150mm / 230mm – for use in the outdoor carving area of CSW or making site specific work).



CSW has excellent natural daylight with overhead and gable light panels also with bright white metal halide lighting  for evenings.



Heating is provided through a woodburner and solar gain through the insulated roof and end gables – also with Heat Harvester air circulation fans to maintain even temperature at floor and roof level (can also be used during the summer to keep CSW cool).



CSW has level access through a roller shutter door – for vehicles (flat bed trucks) for offloading stone and loading finished work.   Disability access is provided into CSW, the outdoor carving area and into the main Drill Hall Research & Project Space via ramps with handrails.






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