Stone Workspace – with its newly refurbished project space and well equipped workshop is now open! Our mission is to create an enriching community facility that encourages collaboration across multiple disciplines.  A centre for hands on investigation, intellectual questioning, research, creation and reflection – through working with stone within the environment.  It’s a dedicated facility connected directly to the quarry landscape through research into stone and the environment, in a truely unique site, surrounded by the history, ecology, and geology of Portland.   It facilitates the development of ideas through research, education, and innovation and an ethos of lively explorative debate to push ideas beyond boundries.

Serving as a uniquely flexible creative environment for the people of Portland at a local and global level.


“Materials research and catalyst for development of ideas”

Our objective is to facilitate a wide context and experience of the environment  – support the development of creative ideas, collaboration and research – and skills that can be used to contribute, create, inform and enrich  our future environment. Stone is the foundation of all landscapes in which we live and depend on, and this is what drives and fascinates us.

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“The transfer of practical skills, curation and publicity”

The opportunity to experiment, construct, deconstruct, to create and see ideas materialise.  Skills and expertise are on hand to assist and inform a flexible process that engages the imagination, explores the materials and landscape;  enriching the creative process. Curating and publicising work developed that is inextricably related to the creative process and transformative value of the landscape itself.

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“A flexible, dynamic environment to inspire, create and experiment”

A project space in which to research, make, test out and exhibit work all within one facility.  A centre of excellence for skills transfer and an educational resource.  A flexible space with potential for creating a dynamic between the experience within the landscape and the building itself.  At the centre of Portland, and the centre both geographically and geologically of the Jurassic Coast World Heritage site.


A Unique Environment For Cross Disciplinary Collaboration

With over 25 years of research within our archive along with numerous partnerships forged through sharing information over many years, we are the best informed resource
The ability to challenge and educate within cross disciplinary subject matter.  Providing interventions that take ideas to a new level, ensuring the best possible outcome and learning experience.
Inspiring people to challenge themselves, their ideas and process.  Nurturing innovation and providing a proving ground for ideas, whilst facilitating connections to industry.      

Creating Stone Workspace

Over the last 3 years with funding from European Agricultural Fund, Dorset County Council, Arts Council England and Portland Sculpture & Quarry Trust, two areas of the former Drill Hall have been extensively refurbished to create an exhibition space with refreshments area, well equipped stone workspace and outdoor carving terrace.  The workshop itself before the work started is shown in the video opposite.

Stone|Work|Space has been created to be flexible and we have already taken on both commissioned work and collaborative projects with a number of organisations and individuals within the newly refurbished space.

The opening of the facility in June 2013 showcased work created in stone by the community, as well as giving exposure to some of the promising startup projects that are being realized with partners.






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